Why HunTel?

Our core focus is the installation, service, and sale of telecommunications equipment. The addition of voice, cloud based services, security solutions, fiber optic cabling, and a wide product assortment allows us to provide a full-service, business communications solution for our growing client base.

We are often asked "Why HunTel?"

We believe there are four things that set us apart from other providers in this industry.

Customer Service

It may be a cliché. What business doesn't claim to have good customer service? While everyone will say their customer service is top notch, it truly is a priority for HunTel.

What we offer you is a company history that spans over 100 years. HunTel’s roots were planted in 1912 by E.C. Hunt when he bought out his partner in the Creighton, NE telephone exchange. The current owners of HunTel are E.C.’s grandson and 2 of his great-grandsons. Now in its fourth generation of management by the Hunt’s, the family takes extreme pride in a reputation that’s been hard earned. It isn’t likely that a company can survive over 100 years and not provide excellent customer service.

Customer service is deep within the roots of the Hunt family, and it was even discussed around the dinner table when Dan Hunt was in grade school.

"At the time, our company was the only provider of telephone service in the communities we served. My father explained that it was because our customers had no other options that we must provide the best service possible. We couldn’t give them any excuse to claim the only reason customers will say they are proud was the lack of a competitor. We must provide excellent customer service so our customers would say they were proud to be served by the Hunts and wouldn’t have it any other way."

Since the beginning, HunTel has strived to serve each customer the best way we can. After 100 years of business, be confident our claim is true.

Technical Expertise

We have the most knowledgeable technicians that you can find. Why do we claim this? Our vendors tell us that they would rather get a call from one of our technicians than from any other reseller.

You can trust us to be knowledgeable about the products we sell and able to answer any of your questions.

Strong Vendor Relationships

Besides the fact that our technicians are known within Mitel as “knowing their stuff,” we have a rather unique relationship with the company.

Some time ago, we received a call from someone at Mitel. They asked if they could come by and swap out a piece of equipment that we were using in our Fort Calhoun central office. The equipment was a tone-to-pulse converter and had worked flawlessly since it was installed in 1972. Wondering why Mitel would go to the expense of swapping out a perfectly good piece of equipment, we were told that tone-to-pulse converter was the first piece of equipment Mitel ever sold. HunTel was Mitel’s first customer.

Today we may not be their biggest, we may not be their best, but we will always be their first. Inside the company people know who HunTel is. What does that get us?  The respect of Mitel and knowledge by their leadership that we hold a special place in their history. Mitel knows who we are and what we stand for. They know our standards and understand their role in assuring HunTel’s customers always come first. We are proud to have stood beside our partner as they grew to the industry leader they are today.

Locally Based

You’ll be visited by quite a few vendors when shopping for your business' needs. But more often than not, you won’t have the opportunity to shake the hand of their owner.

Most of our competitors are based in far-away cities, whereas HunTel is based right here in your neighborhood. Our owner lives locally and we are engaged members of our community. We shop locally. We might run into you in the grocery store, at the ball field, or in the concert hall.

We started out talking about how important service is to all of us at HunTel, and it’s because we live with you.

We'll admit that we don’t always hit the mark. That’s life. You won’t find a single vendor who gets it right 100 percent of the time. But if we don’t get it right, we’ll make it right.  That’s our personal commitment to you.