The Hunt Family takes great pride in the reputation we've earned over more than 100 years of doing business in Nebraska and we'd be honored for you to place your trust in our company.

A reputation like ours is hard earned. We like to tell our customers that it isn't what happens before the sale that proves you've made the right choice; it's what happens afterwards. We're like many companies who will ask you for your business; we believe we have stellar customer service. However, HunTel is unique because we have over 100 years and four generations of my family's history to suggest our claim is true.

We take customer care seriously. I'm proud to share my email address and my direct phone number with any customer who would like it. I also guarantee if I'm in my office, I will answer your call. I hope the only reason you have to contact me is to offer praise to my coworkers who provide service to you, but you're welcome to call for any reason. I also welcome you to contact me during those unforeseen emergency situations.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to explore how HunTel can help you enhance and grow your business. I give you my personal commitment to provide you the service you deserve, that is unlike any other. We call that "The HunTel Way."

We look forward to working with you to help your business find solutions that make your work easier and safer. Hope to hear from you soon.



Dan Hunt